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I describe a series of real stories here, as my wife has changed from a woman in a boneme man and a dog who went from being a single woman, a man horned in writing. We are a boneme middle-aged, middle-class couple living in the UK and have been many clubs and house parties we visited Interest developed in swinging. In addition to visiting European destinations during the day and sitesee to oscillate at night. My wife has had many sexual partners in Britain, but prefers the European swingers scene. It is not snobbish, but the joy is not in compliance with similar professionals in Europe and the classes very much a swing class event lifestyle environment. She loves other couples and socially at parties and get to know people who are at the bottom simialr it is important to creating the right environment should be. In this sense, we have more 'success' in Europe than in boneme Britain and the circle of our Freins Swingers with whom we have regular contaxt definitely a European trend. It also helps that I speak French fairly well, and although my wife has a little French, which has certainly had a lot of French fans. Sex is a universal language. In short, my wife and I started to boneme turn in a soft French club a few years ago, and I well boneme remember, after two years, this type of activity ( men to play with her nipples, she masturbates and see her having sex sex with me, etc ) said they still thought it can not continue. At that time I was not particularly interested in fuck other women, but as the idea of men fucking my wife. Do not push the idea and did boneme it so that men play woth her ​​nipples and pussy and even proceeds to masturbate and blow nutual, but only had the penetration of my cock. We even have some dogging, where we see men become like straw and took me in the back of our car, but never join the people, although boneme they were encouraged to do so. My wife is a size 10/12, pretty blonde with large breasts boneme and nipples, which terms boneme seem to be loved by boneme the people, as they are absorbed more and qus swing, we, in our early days. She wet easily and men were always in the position, several fingers into her pussy during our era gentle rocking. One night at a club in the UK we have a couple who had seen it before and I had a great time doing the soft wings - the two men sat side by side and the two women sucked our taps, cocks of each suction so turn. It was a character limit for us in the past. That night we were in the game room, kissing and masturbating each other, when the lady was to spread her legs and when I put the condom, allowing me to enter it - he later said it was the first full swap had done. boneme My wife and her husband saw what we did, and they did the same. So for couples, we had full sex for the first time. We sat in the hot tub and then talked about what he had done, and arrange to meet again in the same we have done since. My wife lets other people go through after that night, and took me to anotherWomen, only a few swaps in the clubs. We then STARTR visiting house parties and has some swaps. I have never found doubt as to the progression but I enjoyed watching my wife fucking other men to other women more Htat. At that time, his main idea was masturbation fucked by two men at the time TH SMEs. I never said anything, and that is the most valuable lesson that a man sees his wife fucking want - just let you develop a taste for this kind of sex at their own pace. Another year passed before I saw my wife enjoyed a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time - a club in France, where this occurred. Even then, only had sex with other people, when we were in the same room. For nearly two years we went to parties and clubs nad exchange partners, casual sex with my Woife with two or three men in the course of the night and sometimes both. The big break came when he took a party of France in a luxurious apartment, where they drank champagne onlyd nejoyed my wife having sex with boneme a number of people - even went to a man on his own outside the division, even thoug I was not present. This was the first time I really enjoyed it, 'excluded' from sex and looked at her and undressed by a man half his age, fucked, she had just met at the party. After he came inside her, was caught by another man who had only one woman besides my wife. That same night, took four men. He insisted that we went to the next party and you are very sexy. has been in stockings, short black boneme skirt and a hood covering her breasts, but showed her cleavage and ten minutes after the arrival of a man who broke away and went to her (in English) chat. Dress Before I knew who went into the bedroom with him and I looked at the bottom as they kissed and robbed before the outbreak of cock and pussy and fuck. That night, I counted ten men, pussy and many more who masturbate or suck her tits fucked. This was the first night I had the pleasure of seeing them on their backs with a young cock up her pussy, one in the mouth and one in the hand - it was a real bitch and I was more interested in seeing the chaff available bitch like pussies and arranged in the room. I just fucked a woman that night, but seeing women man fucks my wife more than the women who was cursed - I was a true cuckold. boneme His cock was much better than mine, and I reveled in watching my wife cum on his cock. straw After that night, my wife is now generally fucked by three men together at the same time, we also have a strap-on dildo fucks boneme with me, as I have become her cuckold and asked, fucked by a dick large to be bought to learn what they like pussy. When he fucks me, she made ​​the big cock that has had and how she wants more - she says her ass is the best for me as her pussy hole now has a penchant for big cocks young men, not a smallMiddle-aged man. Also in her pussy and ass (which no other man has caught the ass - she says, which is reserved for small roosters, and has never had sex with another man, who has a smaller penis than me), but only ewnsure is to review regularly between his natural shit. we have a club in Spain, where single men ( it was said, were the only club for couples) to go and I have the great pleasure of chatting at the bar with its young and then was caught. Later that night when we both uneasy juxta bar and said, 'I 'll give a shit ' - that was the first time I had done, and left me at the bar while the men spoke only fuck that. I loved the experience - my man seeking woman in front of me, just a shit, igonring me. I loved seeing two very young men fucking and sucking make together. was on boneme the phone by a Frenchman named WEC last man - who had thrown my wife in Paris and wasask if he could visit the UK to do it again. I had heard a big straw on the phone he told me he had seen at a party, he thought, and decided, fuck it. Slippe said to find his hand under her skirt, she had no underwear and wet. Listen to a man who says about his wife is great if you are a cuckold. He said he had made ​​a 69 and asked if my wife always wants balls and cock, lick balls because they were a real one. He said he had caught in the back and she was even more after he requested in his semen. I masturbated all the time about what he had done to her and talked to him, he said, when the next would be in boneme France so he could meet and fuck in the hotel - I told my wife about the conversation, and agreed should return to him as a 'good man'. Next month we go to Brussels and I looked at swingers clubs '- my wife has one that has a multiple night has not decided on our first night and I 'm looking forward toyoung people see and fuck her back to the hotel. with patience and let the natural feelings of our sex life we have to take a couple soft swing, a couple, where my wife and enjoy group sex more than anything else I liked more than the entry in We have developed very happily married and is this not change, and we have now at this stage of our lives, which is my greatest joy she is waching and gangbanged. I hope the three successive nights to see a young man fucks my wife, hopefully two or three at the same time, since that is what you really want. We used to see at parties and clubs in the evening only for couples but avoid this and look for clubs and parties, where only single men to meet my wife to modern needs. She is already thinking of men regularly masturbate new go to Belgium and especially in the evening of Thursday, the 'gang bang ' the night is met - are the other two evenings a coupleindividual meetings, but I think Thursday is to be the best.
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